Parish Groups

There are a number of groups operating in the Parish.  We have

The Parish Council


The Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the leadership group in the parish, where priests and people work together, co-responsibly, to build up the parish into a Christian community rooted in the four areas of Faith, Evangelisation (how we live out in words and deeds the good news of God’s love for us)Worshipand Service.

They work together in a respectful way to discern what is best for the parish:

  1. In light of the gospel
  2. The church’s teaching
  3. What the Holy Spirit is saying through the parish community

The major tasks involve:

  • Assessing the needs of the parish community and involving the whole parish in response to those needs
  • Naming the gifts of parishioners
  • Enabling the parish community to own their call as baptised disciples of Christ by discovering the gifts of the parishioners, and helping develop them through the provision of training and on-going formation
  • Providing projects and actions that will link the needs of the parish with the gifts and resources already available in the parish
  • Ensuring that up-to-date and accurate information is exchanged between, and with the parish, the diocese and the wider community
  • Reviewing the life and activities of the parish and reporting back to parishioners so that parishioners will have a sense of contributing in the mission of Jesus Christ to bring about the reign of God on earth (that is, building a world based on the Gospel values of peace, love and justice for all)



Canon Law (Canon 537) states ‘In each Parish there is to be a Finance Committee to help the Parish Man hold orange pen is plannng finance account with calculator.Priest in theadministration of the goods of the Parish’.

Every year the Committee prepare a Financial Statement which is presented to all parishioners on a designated Sunday.


Church Income

The Finance and Administration Committee thank all who contribute to Church Funds.


Where do your Contributions Go?

First Collection:  (Common Fund) (Blue Pouch) – This supports priests currently serving in the diocese as well as those who are retired or sick.

Second Collection: (Share Collection) (Red Pouch) – This collection is used to refurbish parish churches, build parish pastoral center’s and fund the diocesan administration of central services.

Christmas, Easter & Harvest Dues: Income of the priests of the diocese.

Special collections: Accord, Peter’s Pence, Catholic Youth Care & Crosscare


Contributions that stay in the Parish

Envelopes – Planned Giving:  This collection is the main source of income for your parish church.

Shrines:  Contributions to shrines pay for the heating, insurance & electricity of the church

Donations: (Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms, Certs etc.) & Inheritances

Standing Orders / Direct Debits:  Where possible, please sign up to a DD. A contribution of €6 per week, (24euro per month) goes a long way to help maintaining our church.

Simply fill out the form at the Parish Offfice and tell us what breakdown between Weekly envelope and Offering days you would like. You can pay monthly, quarterly, half – yearly,or even yearly. We will credit your contributions to our Account Books from the Church Bank Statement.  Download our Standing order form

Tax Rebate: Any contribution in excess of €250 per calendar year generally qualifies for a tax claim from the government of €112, the Finance Committee organises all the paperwork Shrines: Contributions to shrines pay for the heating, insurance & electricity of the church Donations: (Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms, Certs etc.) & Inheritances

FUTURE EXPENSES: Need to resurface the grounds of the Church , Renewal of Radio System, Ongoing need for refurbishment of the outside of the Parochial House


PAYE Charity Reclaim

The Church as a designated Eligible Charity under Section 45 of the Finance Act 2001 can reclaim a percentage of your PAYE, if you pay PAYE. Annual contribution to our weekly and offering envelopes or via Direct Debit must be €250 or over. If you pay tax at 20% we can claim 20% of your contribution. If you pay at 41% we can reclaim at least 41% of your yearly contribution.

At the end of each financial year, the Parish Office will send a statement to you, if you have contributed €250 or over. You simply sign the statement, insert your PPS Number and return to the Parish Office. Any benefit will be returned from the Revenue Commissioners to the Charity i.e. the Parish. If you pay tax by Self Assessment, you simply give the certificate which you will get from the Parish to your accountant.

Once again we thank all our parishioners who support financially our policy of providing well maintained and heated Churches, while offering an efficient parish administration in arranging and conducting Masses, Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals, First Communion, Confirmation etc.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Altar servers in our parish are recruited every year in Sep/Oct. Children must have received their FirsttabernacleHoly Communion and be attending Mass regularly.

If your child is interested,  please look out for the recruitment notice in the parish bulletin in September or enquire at the parish office.

All children must attend at least three training evenings initially (usually Weds 4-5pm). When trained, children are assigned to a rota where they will serve every 2/3 weeks.

We also welcome parents who will assist with the training and supervision of the children.  All parent helpers must be Garda vetted and comply with Diocesan and Parish Guidelines for Safeguarding Children.

View the Code of Behaviour for Altar Servers Latest Altar Server Rota

St Maur's Parish Folk Group


St Maur’s Parish Folk Group

St. Maur’s Parish Folk Group is composed of musicians and singers who lead the parish in Sacred song. There are 27 members in the group ranging from 21 years and up.  Some of the members of the group play various musical instruments including guitar, bass guitar, flutes, thin whistles, accordion, violin, drum kit and occasionally the harp. The group ministers every second Sunday at the 11.30am Mass.

Rehearsals take place in the Church every Tuesday evening from 8.30pm to 10pm. Prior to rehearsal the group review the liturgy for the Sunday and select appropriate hymns to fit the theme of the Mass. During the weeks the group are not scheduled to participate in the Mass, they use this time to learn new hymns or rehearse hymns they have learnt over the years. Representatives attend two workshops in Clonliffe every year to source new music and keep the repertoire up to date.

The group will also provide music at funerals, weddings, First Holy Communions, Confirmations (working closely with the school choirs). They also visit the local nursing homes to sing and play music for the residents.

For further details about the group you can contact Des on 0872264220

St Maurs Junior Folk Group (Youth Choir)

St Maurs Junior Folk Group (Youth Choir)

St Maur’s Junior Folk Group (Youth Choir) has been running for approximately 14 years. Presently we have 17 members including 4 musicians.

We all consider St Maur’s Youth group to be much more than a choir with each member offering support, input, participation, friendship and ownership of the group in a fun environment. We endeavour to build self-esteem and confidence in our members and to assist our members to reach their full musical potential. Everyone receives the opportunity to sing solo if they so wish.

We practice every Tuesday and sing every second week on Sundays at 11. 30 am mass. At Christmas we love to sing in the nursing homes and children’s hospitals. We have been invited to sing in Mons, Belgium and Edinburgh, Scotland in the past. We have also spent team building weekends in Glendalough.

New members are very welcome. If you are interested in joining, please contact Brenda on 0874173165

Liturgy Group

Liturgy Group

The Parish Liturgy Group was formed as a sub-group of the Parish Pastoral Council. There is  representation from the various ministries within the parish including the religious based here in Rush.  The group works closely with the parish priest to prepare the different high points of our liturgical year – Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. We meet once a month and plan and prepare for the coming month.

Together we suggest ways of making each liturgical celebration more meaningful, so the congregation can be encouraged to actively participate by means of word, song and service as well as by silence, stillness and listening.  Here is an example of on some of the work we are involved with:

In the first week in November we help organise a Mass for Bereaved parishioners whose loved ones passed away during the year:

  • Organise invitations to send to the bereaved families.
  • Light a candle for each deceased parishioner
  • Place a ribbon with the deceased parishioner’s name on the cross
  • Organise refreshments with the Hospitality team

The Julian Prayer Group

The Julian Prayer Group

The Julian Prayer Group takes its name from Julian of Norwich, a Christian Mystic, whose theology is summed up in her prayer, “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well”. The Group meets for prayer  and reflection after 9 a.m. Mass on Tuesday mornings. This meeting lasts for about half an hour.

At the request of the Parish, and in co-operation with the teachers, the Group also does some work with the Confirmation Classes in the Primary Schools. This input complements the children’s preparation for Confirmation through the Schools’ Programme.

Each session with the children takes no longer than thirty minutes and is restricted to one day per week for eight weeks in the months before Christmas.

A Day Retreat, focussing on the Coming of the Holy Spirit, is held for each class before Confirmation.

New members are always welcome


These groups are always looking for new members so if you would like to join please contact us.