Harvest Sunday

We celebrate Harvest this weekend. Parishioners are welcome to take away the produce and leave a donation at the Altar which will be distributed to St. Vincent De Paul and Br. Kevin (Caption Day Centre).

Led By the Spirit Group

The Led By the Spirit Group will commence its programme with the Confirmation candidates of the primary schools in the Parish on Tuesday October 17th. The Scripture Reading for discussion this week will be the Annunciation (Luke 1: verses 26 – 38). The programme will continue for eight weeks.

Synod 2023

The Weekly newsletter is available at the back of the Church if you would like to take one home. This newsletter can also be found at: dublindiocese.ie/synod2023

Mission Sunday

Next weekend we will celebrate World Mission Sunday, the Holy Father’s annual appeal to support overseas missions and missionaries. You can help right now. Please donate €4 by texting the word “Mission” to 50300 or donating on www.missio.ie.

Altar Servers

Boys and girls from 3rd class upwards are welcome to become altar servers in the parish. Please leave name and parents phone number into Parish Office.

We will be in contact with date and time of training.

Funding Our Parish

For those who don’t have cash, you can ‘Tap to Donate‘ on the machines at the main exit. The machine with the Green poster donates to the Diocese, and the machine with the Red poster donates to the Parish.

You can also ‘Donate Online’ here

Thank you to all for your support