Lay Ministry Collection

The Archdiocese of Dublin Lay Ministry Collection takes place on Saturday and Sunday, May 6th and 7th. The Lay Ministry Collection will support the development of a variety of lay ministries, providing for more women and men to work alongside the priests and deacons. It is hoped that lay ministry will make a significant contribution to pastoral life into the future.


Congratulations to our Confirmation Candidates from Gaelscoil Ros Éo who received the Sacrament of Confirmation on Friday.

First Holy Communion

Best of luck to the boys and girls from St. Brendan’s National School and St. Catherine’s National School who will make their Communion on Saturday 13th May. May God Bless them on their special day.

Funding Our Parish

For those who don’t have cash, you can ‘Tap to Donate‘ on the machines at the main exit. The machine with the Green poster donates to the Diocese, and the machine with the Red poster donates to the Parish.

You can also ‘Donate Online’ here

Thank you to all for your support