The Bulletin

The Bulletin can be viewed on the Notice Board in the Main Entrance of the Church. The Bulletin can also be viewed on the Parish Website at, which is updated weekly.

Please take a copy of the Building Hope Prayer which is available at the back of the Church.

Dates for Diary

Building Hope Parish Gathering

Gathering Wednesday 15th June @7.30p.m in the Church. All Are Welcome

Cemetery Sunday

Blessing of the Graves:

Sunday 19th June

Whitestown Cemetery @ 3pm

Kenure Cemetery @ 6pm

This is an appropriate time to remind parishioner’s of the value of coming together as a community to celebrate the Lord’s Day. While the webcam and other technological supports were most helpful during the pandemic, and have their place now too, it is time to re-establish Sunday Mass as the source and summit of our Christian commitment, and of communion with the Lord and with each other. Wishing you many blessings over the Summer months.

Funding Our Parish

  • Basket collections will resume next weekend 4th/5th June.
  • Please Donate on leaving the Church, there are boxes at each exit.
  • For those who don’t have cash, you can ‘Tap to Donate’ on the machines at the main exit. The machine with the Green poster donates to the Diocese, and the machine with the Red poster donates to the Parish.
  • You can also ‘Donate on Line’ on our Parish Website.
  • Easter Dues to the Parish are now being accepted.

Thank You to all for your support


MONDAY 9.30AM – 12PM