November List of the Dead Envelopes:

November List of the Dead Envelopes are available at the entrance of the church. Please take one home with you, enclose your family dead list and return to the Post Box, Sacristy or Parish Office.

‘It is a Holy and Wholesome Thought to pray for the Dead’.

Monday 1st November

All Saints Day

Holy Day of Obligation

Mass is at 10am

Tuesday 2nd November

All Souls Day

Mass at 9am

Evening Mass at 7pm

Mass of Rememberance

For all who have died since March 2020, Mass will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of November.

Invitations to all families to follow.


Recommencing Thursday November 4th, 7am to 10pm.

All Welcome.


We ask you to be mindful that no basket collections currently take place during Mass.

Instead, please be sure to place your donations into one of the boxes as you exit the Church.

Thank you for your ongoing support towards these collections.

Thank you also to all the families who continue to drop in their Family Offering Envelopes towards the upkeep of Our Parish.