Child Safeguarding & Protection

Diocesan/Parish Garda Vetting Policy from 1st January 2017  
All parish clergy, staff and volunteers, who carry out their work/ministry in public, must be Garda vetted. This is defined as any person who carries out their work/ministry in the Church or Church buildings. Vetting also applies to those who work or minister in the community i.e. those who visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Vetting for all the above should be renewed every three years.  Vetting and renewal of vetting in this Parish will commence soon.

With Sympathy

We sympathise with the family of Liam Gartland who passed away this week. May he rest in peace.



Confession Times at 6:30p.m. before Saturday evening Mass and on request.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Thursday from 7a.m. to 10p.m.



Parish Office:

All queries re: baptisms, weddings, etc. to go through the office. Any Daily Mass Intentions left in please also include phone number. Any Intentions for weekend Masses need to be left into the office by 12p.m. on Thursday to be included in Altar list. New Post Box is located beside door of the day chapel.


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Trócaire Boxes are available in the office if you would like to pick one up.


The Blood Transfusion Service

The Blood Transfusion Service: will be in St. Maur’s GAA Centre on Monday, 6th March from 4:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.


Rush St Patrick’s Day Parade 2017:

Entry forms are now available from Rush Community Centre. All registered entries will be eligible for a prize fund. Volunteers/Marshalls required for the event if you can give your time please contact Debbie 01 8439349.


St. Padre Pio (Prayer for Healing):

Heavenly Father I call on you right now in a very special way. It is through your power we have been created. Every breath we take every morning that we wake up and every moment of every hour we live under your power. Through the intercession of St. Padre Pio Father, I ask you now to touch us with that same power. For if you created ones’s life from nothing you certainly can recreate it. Cast out anything that should not be in good health, cure what is broken and ill. Cancer, alcohol, addiction, drugs, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart, hearing and all other forms of illness or injuries. Root out any damaged cells. Open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleane any infection. Let the warmth of your healing pass through the body to make any unhealthy areas, so that the body will function the way you created it to do so. And father restore the body, sight or mind that we may serve you for the rest of our life. St Padre Pio, take our cause in hand and grant it good success x 3, I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Ash Wednesday March 1st 2017
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Mass Times: 9a.m. and 8p.m.